Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's nearly Christmas!!!

How fast did christmas come around this year!!! Way too FAST!!
I thought i did all the shopping ..but I have one more to go!!!
So Yah ...can't wait to go to the shops again..It's so hectic out there!!!
Sooo Scary..Tooo many people. And everyones rushed!!!
Anyway am very grateful for this year..Got my stamps off the ground and are now
in Scrapbooks from the Heart , Scrappy Cow and Scrapbook Secrets!!!
Slowly getting there and busy drawing for the next batch of my creations!!!
Im on holidays now...relax take it easy and enjoy...well trying toooo
These photo's above are the christmas Santa Key ..I did at SFTH for a class
And my Christmas Tree which is at SFTH..on display!!
Enjoy and Have a great Christmas to everyone ...

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