Friday, September 7, 2007

Front Of Our House Reno!!!

So much fun trying to park a truck and two cars in a crummy area ...
Because the driveway is ripped up..
Although we had John come over this morning at 7am....After getting home from scrap booking at Sue's at 2;30am ...
So am now sitting on my driveway making sure no-one graffiti in our nice new concrete ....
Here's a photo !!!!
So gives me much time to sit and draw some new stamp designs ..
For Halloween and Christmas Stamps!!!!
Kids Keep a eye out soon for new clear acrylic stamps I have made...
That are more designed for you guys to use and buy !!!
Hopefully out during the school holidays ?
If my manufacture man Scott makes it in time...?I hope so!!!!
So much pressure on poor Scott!!!!!

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