Sunday, June 3, 2007

What Can Do A Burnout?

One question u do not ask the boys!!!
Because this is the reaction u get from a little or maybe a lot of alcohol.
Must admit it was a preeetttyy funny night.!!!!!!
Long weekend is gone!!
I'm sooo stuck in a coke a cola rut right now!!
People that know me, know I'm addicted to the drink.
Ive gotta try something different to get me awayyy from it !!!
Brewing up some layouts this weekend a Total of 4 pages....
Let me just gain myself for a second as I just fell of the chair!!!
Awesome amount for me !!
Don't know the last time I was so excited,
My web page has had 85 hits in one weekend?
Nighty Nite Ang.....

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  1. Nice Layout Ang!!! Make sure you bring in your 4 layouts for me to see!!


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