Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mid Week

  1. Been a very busy few days!!!
    You know when things start getting on top of u.
    Like when I went to the shops today to find some new shoes for the kids.
    Because they seem to eat them lately...
    To find my boy has a hole in one sock!!! ,
    while the lady tries the new shoe on for size!!!!
    How embarrassing!!!!
    Doesn't matter how many clean socks are in that draw
    he goes for the same pair every time...
    What is that about?
    So thought its about time the socks belongs in the BIN!!!!!
    Only to find them done a walk about, by there own, back to his room!!!
    How cheeky is that!!
    Maybe I'm destroying true love here? not..
    Nighty Nite

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